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Toyota Camry Still a Top Seller

The Toyota Camry remains a staple of the Toyota line up because of its reliability and comfortable design. The simple, elegant design and respectable MPG rating keep consumers coming back for more. Regardless of the recalls, sales for the Camry are up 2.8% from the previous year. 

The new 2010 Toyota Camry builds upon this reputation. The new engine is around 169 horsepower where the 2009 model was only...
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Toyota to Create Electric Supercar

One critique of electric cars is that they don't have power and can't accelerate. This problem may be put to rest as Toyota plans to build an electric supercar by 2015.

US car magazine, Motor Trend, reports that the entirely gas free car will be packing 500 horsepower, and can reach 60mph in 4.0 sec. Not bad for an electric car.

Toyota won't be tackling this venture alone. Tesla Motors, which…
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