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Toyota’s New Ad Campaign - “Ideas For Good”

Toyota's new ad campaign named "Ideas for Good" is an initiative opened to the public for people who want to make a difference. Accepting submissions through February 28, 2011, a panel of judges will then choose the best ideas and the winners will have the opportunity to make the world a better place.

"We're sharing a side of Toyota that many are not aware of and engaging the public in a way we…
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Toyota Leaving Japan?

Japanese carmakers are experiencing a bit of an issue with the rise of the Yen, Japan's currency. Toyota is one of the world's largest auto makers, but since many of their vehicles are exported to the US, they could lose billions as their home town dollar increases.

The situation has become so dramatic that the Japanese carmaker asked their government to step in. Toyota is using its role as huge industry player to…
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The New Toyota Prius MPV

It is well known that Toyota has been working on several Prius variants, one of which is a minivan. We know for sure that the minivan is being dubbed as the Prius MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle).

The Prius MPV was first teased when it appeared on a billboard. The minivan was hidden behind a normal Prius car which was supposed to demonstrate its likeness and slightly bigger size. Pictures of the billboard were also...
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