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Where Can My Car Get an Oil Change Near Me?
Sloane Toyota of Glenside Answers all of your Routine Maintenance Questions with Certified Toyota Service and Genuine Toyota Parts, Fluids

If you drive a Toyota, it's clear you care about the safety and reliability of your vehicle. After all, one of the biggest incentives to investing in a Toyota car, truck, van or SUV is knowing you'll be able to depend on it for many thousands of miles to come. However, even with Toyota's industry-leading safety record, it's imperative that the owner stay on top of routine maintenance in order preserve that impeccable Toyota design and performance. An easy way to avoid costly repairs down the line is to keep up with regular oil changes. And you can easily find a trustworthy and professional place for an oil change in Glenside by simply sticking with a name you trust for all of your Toyota needs -- Sloane Toyota of Glenside.

Motor oil keeps your car's engine cool by lubricating moving parts and reducing friction. As oil ages, it changes consistency and can no long perform properly, perhaps allowing the engine to overheat. Worn oil filters also allow contaminants to enter the engine, so you should have your engine's oil and filter changed at the same time.

You've probably heard of the general three-month recommendation for oil changes, but that may not be what your unique Toyota model needs. Oil change intervals for your particular vehicle varies based on a variety of factors, so be sure to consult the owner's manual or the factory-trained Toyota technicians at our certified Toyota service center. Only our specialized services cater to the uniqueness of the Toyota design, thanks to our Toyota diagnostic equipment, genuine Toyota parts and fluids, and the knowledge of professional Toyota techs. Toyota motor oil is specifically designed to work with your Toyota's engine, and our team can pair your particular Toyota model with the precise oil and filter it needs to perform at its best.

You can service schedule for an oil change a day from now or three months down the road. We'll reach out to you to remind you of your appointment, so you can be sure your car stays up-to-date on maintenance. Be sure to scroll through our service coupons before head out to your appointment, as we frequently offer oil change specials.


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503 N. Easton Rd.
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