Toyota predicts that the Prius will be the Best Seller By 2020

After ending the year on a good note, Toyota execs are pledging that their Prius brand or hybrid vehicles will be the best selling cars in America by 2020. Prius sales were at its best-ever in December this year, moving over 15,000 units last month and over 140,000 total units for 2010, or 8% of Toyota's total US sales. That's a 0.9% increase over 2009.

The Japanese auto maker is…
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The Toyota Prius Emits Less Gas Then a Sheep

If someone told you that the Prius emits less gas emissions then a Sheep, would you believe them? An interesting question with an equally interesting answer: The answer is yes, The Toyota Prius.  Can you believe it?, according to a provocative advertisement from Toyota's Israeli marketing team; the Toyota Prius emits fewer emissions than the gas of a sheep.

As funny as it sounds, the advertisement indicates that the emissions from a sheep passing…

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