Toyota's Ideas for Good Challenge Complete

Toyota's "Ideas for Good" challenge has been successful. Entries submitted range from a Smart Cane for the Blind (using Toyota's Advanced Parking Guidance System) to a Cooling Golf Cart (using Toyota's Powered Ventilation System).

Time and time again, Toyota has shared some of its biggest inventions with the world outside of the automobile industry. Wake Forrest University, for example, is using Toyota's T.H.U.M.S. software to study the…

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Plural of Toyota Prius Will Be Prii

Since the launch of the first vehicle 10 years ago, the plural of Toyota Prius has sparked much debate. As the Toyota Prius range grew, the dilemma of how to refer to multiple Prius became even more pressing.

To resolve the issue, Toyota invited the general public to vote for phrases that best suits the growing fleet of fuel friendly vehicles. Among the terms suggested were: Priuses, Prium, Prien, and Prii. Well, the official count…

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