Toyota Employs Robots to Lower Camry Sticker Price

If you're like many consumers, one thing you pay particularly close attention to when you're buying a new car is the sticker price. In understanding the financial pinch many Americans are experiencing in a market colored by an astronomical jobless rate, Toyota took extra care to ensure they would not have to raise the price of the new Toyota Camry over last year's model. In fact, while the prices of some of its closest competitors have actually have risen year over year (in some cases by double digits), the overall price of the Camry has actually dropped roughly two percent compared to 2011 model-year prices.

How did Toyota do it? To start, with zero-compromise to integrity. Rather, the Japanese automaker employed the help of efficient robots to help build the cars. And no, we're not confusing the story with some sci-fi movie.

Toyota purchased production robots that have been out of commission since the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMI) plant in CA closed its doors. As the robots weren't originally programmed to build Camry cars, Toyota had to spend a bit of time retuning them. But, other than that, they perform as good as new and substantially lower labor costs...which effectively allows Toyota to keep suggested retail prices down.

Speaking on Toyota Motor Corp.'s decision to bring the robots out of retirement, Steve St. Angeleo, Executive Vice President, North American Manufacturing and Engineering, Toyota said, "A lot of the tooling is new, however, the equipment isn't. We used a lot of used equipment...[from NUMMI]."1

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