Toyota Campaign Targets Youth Market with New Yaris

The low starting price of the Toyota Yaris is just one of many ways auto maker is targeting their 2012 model at the youth market. Every student needs a car to get to and from those college courses, or for picking up friends and a reliable car with a base price of $15,000 is a good fit.

Sloane Toyota in Glenside has been checking out the new youth-centered ad campaign from Toyota.  

The four-cylinder…

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Toyota to Team Up with Competitor to Develop New Hybrid System

Toyota has decided to team up with competitor Ford on a new joint venture. Now, don't go jumping to conclusion, this doesn't mean there is going to be a merger, buyout, or anything else of the kind. The two companies are still competitors but they also both share a common goal and recognize each other's expertise as a critical to accomplishing it sooner rather than later.

With the greater good in mind…

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