Toyota NS4 Concept Signals the Future of Hybrid Driving

The votes are in and the Toyota NS4 is decidedly one very good looking model. Not that you need votes to tell. All you really need is a working set of eyes. Upon first glance, the anticipated Toyota Plug-In Hybrid concept shows off a stunning exterior design, shaped by a low height and cabin-forward slant. Plunge deeper into the model and you'll be greeted with equally pleasing interior underpinnings.

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Toyota Prius Family Welcomes a Slightly Different Member

Think there isn't a Toyota Prius out there for you? If so, Sloane Toyota challenges you to reconsider. That's because the constantly expanding family just added yet another new member. Rounding out the Prius lineup, Toyota will release the Prius G. Separating a bit from its kin, the upcoming G rocks its exterior a little harder than the rest.

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