Toyota's mostly stock "Rally RAV4" reaches podium at 100 Acre Wood

Who ever heard of racing a compact crossover? The Rally RAV4, a mostly stock version of the mainstream Toyota RAV4, recently came in second place at Rally America Rally in 100 Acre Wood in Salem, Missouri.


It was a tough two hours of racing before the Rally RAV4 crossed the finished line a scant 9.7 seconds after in the winner. A tire puncture cost the Rally RAV4 precious time in this race, but driver Ryan Millen is eager for the next competition at the American Rally Association Oregon Trail Rally in Portland, Oregon this April.


You can get to know the machine known as the Rally RAV4 via the video below. You can also get a pretty good feel for it by test driving any of the 2017 RAV4 models here at Sloane Toyota Glenside. As mentioned, the Rally RAV4 is mostly stock, meaning that it retains the same engine, transmission, and brakes as the RAV4 you see in our showroom. Impressed? Just wait until you get behind the wheel.

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