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Toyota Prius Plug-In on Sale Now

Hybrid is not a new category for Toyota. Over the past decade or so, Toyota along with their Luxury arm Lexus, have put out one of the healthiest collections of hybrids available. What is new for the Japanese automaker is plug-in hybrid technology.  As such, Sloane Toyota of Glenside is very excited to announce that the all-new 2012 Toyota Plug-In Prius Hybrid Electric Vehicle (or 2012 Toyota Prius PHEV) will go on sale in 14…

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Plural of Toyota Prius Will Be Prii

Since the launch of the first vehicle 10 years ago, the plural of Toyota Prius has sparked much debate. As the Toyota Prius range grew, the dilemma of how to refer to multiple Prius became even more pressing.

To resolve the issue, Toyota invited the general public to vote for phrases that best suits the growing fleet of fuel friendly vehicles. Among the terms suggested were: Priuses, Prium, Prien, and Prii. Well, the official count…

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Toyota predicts that the Prius will be the Best Seller By 2020

After ending the year on a good note, Toyota execs are pledging that their Prius brand or hybrid vehicles will be the best selling cars in America by 2020. Prius sales were at its best-ever in December this year, moving over 15,000 units last month and over 140,000 total units for 2010, or 8% of Toyota's total US sales. That's a 0.9% increase over 2009.

The Japanese auto maker is…
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The Toyota Prius Emits Less Gas Then a Sheep

If someone told you that the Prius emits less gas emissions then a Sheep, would you believe them? An interesting question with an equally interesting answer: The answer is yes, The Toyota Prius.  Can you believe it?, according to a provocative advertisement from Toyota's Israeli marketing team; the Toyota Prius emits fewer emissions than the gas of a sheep.

As funny as it sounds, the advertisement indicates that the emissions from a sheep passing…

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