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Adopt a Prius as the Next Member of Your Family

Speak with any family that owns a Toyota Prius, and they will tell you that there is a special sort of magic that surrounds the vehicle. Many say it's because it is the quietest car they have ever owned. Others affirm that it is the  environmental benefits that make owning the car special. We like to believe that it is a combination of many things that add up to one beautifully simple package.


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Toyota Shows Strong Environmental Leadership on Best Global Green Brands Report

In the world of automobiles, increased efforts are being put towards improving efficiency and becoming more sustainable. For Toyota this is quite an apparent goal, especially when looking at Interbrand's annual list of 50 Best Global Green Brands. For the third year in a row the automaker has ranked number one in the study, further demonstrating its strong green initiatives.

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Two Toyota Models Recognized by AAA Auto Buying Experts for Being Best Cars for Commuters

Fuel efficiency is all the rage these days, as the average American commutes 25 minutes two and from work on a daily basis. If you're spending this much time in your vehicle, you'll definitely want it to be reliable, roomy and comfortable. With that being said, we'd recommend you begin your search by checking out the new Toyota lineup in the greater Glenside area. For further verification, simply consult the AAA Auto Buying Expert's list of best cars for commuters.

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Toyota Prius Plug-In on Sale Now

Hybrid is not a new category for Toyota. Over the past decade or so, Toyota along with their Luxury arm Lexus, have put out one of the healthiest collections of hybrids available. What is new for the Japanese automaker is plug-in hybrid technology.  As such, Sloane Toyota of Glenside is very excited to announce that the all-new 2012 Toyota Plug-In Prius Hybrid Electric Vehicle (or 2012 Toyota Prius PHEV) will go on sale in 14…

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