Toyota Safety Sense

What is Toyota Safety Sense™ and How Does it Make Greater Philadelphia Area Roads Safer?

It's no secret that new Toyota vehicles set the standard for automotive safety. Toyotas have made a name for themselves as resilient and reliable cars that withstand both the test of time and circumstance with high-quality construction and now with high-tech safety systems that can make in-the-moment decisions when faced with an impending collision. This suite of active technologies is called Toyota Safety Sense™ (TSS), and it bundles five driver assistance features into one harmonious package, as they all work together to create a safer roads for everyone -- not just those driving equipped vehicles.

You can learn more about the specifics of TSS technology below:

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

  • An enhanced cruise control system which uses a preset following distance to avoid collisions from a sudden slow in traffic
  • Uses forward-sensing radar technology and a camera
  • Detects the speed and distance of the vehicle ahead and adjust your speed accordingly
  • Returns to set cruising speed when traffic clears

Pedestrian Detection

  • Scans for pedestrians in your path of travel
  • Uses millimeter-wave radar with a shape-recognition camera
  • Gives audible and visual notification of impeding collision with a pedestrian
  • Allows the Pre-Collision System with automatic braking to take over if no action is taken by the driver.

Auto High Beams

  • Improves visibility when driving at night, thereby improving safety
  • Uses a camera to detect the headlights of an oncoming vehicle
  • Toggles between low and high beams accordingly

Lane Departure Alert

  • Helps driver maintain intended lane of travel
  • Detects painted lines on the road with a specialized camera
  • Gives audible and visual alerts when you drift out of your lane

Pre-Collision System

  • Avoids frontal collisions
  • Uses forward-facing radar and a camera
  • Gives audible and visual warnings when an impending frontal collision is detected
  • Administers braking assistance
  • Applies full braking power if driver does not respond promptly

TSS feature availability varies by vehicle, and we encourage you to reach out to the knowledgeable sales staff here at Sloane Toyota of Glenside to find out which of our many new and used models offers the particular technologies you're looking for. We're so grateful to be able to sell vehicles that make Philadelphia, Conshohocken, Ardmore, Doylestown and Langhorne area roads safer. Help us in our cause by choosing a TSS-equipped model that's right for you.

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